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SWPlus Online ordering system

SWPlus has phased out the old ECCOS online ordering system and has transitioned to a new online ordering system called Synergy.net. Synergy.net offers the following improvements over the old ECCOS system.

  • Set up and maintain multiple users and restrict users to particular ship-to locations and features, such as viewing prices, browsing non-contracted items, etc.
  • Set up “managers” to review and release orders from “users”.
  • Enter multiple orders for multiple ship-to locations in a single session. (No need to log out and back in to change locations).
  • Display previously purchased items by ship-to location.
  • Create custom shopping and reorder lists with “target” inventory balances.
  • Set up budgets for individual locations.
  • Code your items with your own general ledger codes



Helpful Links and Forms


SYNERGY | click here to access the online ordering system.

If you have questions our would like to schedule a demo of Synergy.net, call or email SWPlus’ IT help desk at 316-219-7239 (or 888-838-7768 ext 239) or HelpDesk@SWPlus.com.